As a moderator of social, charitable and corporate events gigs Andrea for many years. I like to share with you my experience and professionally odmoderuje just have your event. Moderation actions are always perfectly prepared and fully respects the wishes of the client.

Moderating conferences

Need serious presenter that word through your entire conference program, whether it’s news, educational, or business conference?

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Hotel Kempinski, Moderation actions: Official opening of the garden Kempinski

Moderation social events

I offer you my experience with moderating international conferences and projects such as Days of the European Union, European Parliament elections.

From a person who is a moderator of social events usually requires a serious manner, light humor, but always the ability to improvise and insight.

The moderation of social events I have experience and I’ll take care of the smooth running of your social event.

Moderation corporate events

Will your guests a night including introduction and commentary supplementary programs, interviews with guests, performances or competitions.

Moderation balls

The ball is always regarded as supremely social event. The role of the moderator is to be a good host and guide this evening in one person. My desire is always to be a good host and all the guests were able to fully enjoy the festive nature of the event.

Moderation of public events

Andrea has many years experience in moderating public and outdoor events. For example, City of Pilsen games, European day in Kutna Hora, Doubravecká festivities, opening stores, the official opening of the garden at the Kempinski Hotel, Procter and Gamble, Gillette Fusion ProGlide, putting a new TV series by Kate Causes for TV Channel, Swarovski, Damiani, opening jewelry Divi , Estates Theatre – WA Mozart’s birth anniversary